531 Cecil Walker Track with Zipp Wheels

The story with this bike in particular is a common tale. As a youngster, the owner used to race at the velodromes here in Melbourne. Like many kids growing up, he rode what he could afford to and when the time came, he sold off his bikes to buy new ones.

As adults, many people track down their distant memories and relive their youth. The owner of this gorgeous 531 Cecil Walker track just recently put it together to get back onto the boards and what a build. A brand new frame, complete with Dura Ace track parts, Zipp 1150 rear and a Zipp 3000 tri-spoke front would bring out the inner child in any track racer.

  • btdubs

    That rear brake bridge clearance is insane!!

  • kasual

    Unreal. The DA and the Zipps on the classic 531 is lovely. On niggling thing is the mounting of the headset, gotta get those DA logos pointing forward and aligned!

    • they line up, just on a different axis.

      • Jordan Freymiller

        my mechanic aligns the dura ace the same way
        looks better

  • rsts

    what is this saddle?

    • Almost looks like a concor

    • Heater.c

      hey it’s a velo titanium. I purchased it in the mid 90’s and was lucky enough to find another in a bargain bin at a store in Melbourne. They’re a nice neat saddle and really comfortable.

  • Beastly hands down

  • wang

    ニューバランス m1400これが私の一日を簡素化または私の一日複雑でしょうか?

    これは私の幸福のために、New Balanceニューバランス通販または私のストレスレベルに追加されます? これは、今日の私の人生の全体的な品質に追加されます?

    私はあなたがそれをシンプルに保つために挑戦しています。’うんしかしの’の多くのあなたの人生を複雑にわたっ??て控える。心、バランスと調和の平和を経験zoom kobeからあなたを遠ざける言い訳のために落下を停止します。素晴らしい一日を過ごすために今決める!