SOLD OUT: Purple PAUL Components Touring Cantis and Moon Units Apr 29, 2013


They’re back…

I love the PAUL Components Touring Cantis. I’ve had them on my touring bike, my cross bike and just about everyone I know has them on at least one of their bikes. They’re a classic, no-nonsense cantilever brake. Unlike many cantilevers, these arms are angled upwards. This gives the brake a much narrower profile without significantly reducing stopping power.

As a throwback to the 80’s MTB era of bright anodizing, I teamed up with PAUL to produce yet another run of purple Touring Cantis and matching Moon Units.

$240 Shipped in the USA, $250 shipped internationally. That gets you a pair of Touring Cantis (front and rear) and a pair of Moon Units at the PiNP Web Shop.


Don’t fret, I heard there may be another color available tomorrow!

  • Ian Stone

    It’s comical how fast these went lol

  • I waited all day Friday, as you mentioned in a previous post. Seriously man, I’ve been waiting for quite a while for these to come out again and POOF they’re gone. Bogus

    • messaged you on Facebook…

      • If the next color is teal, I’m gonna poop my pants.

  • andy kappler

    This is badass! Swapping out the gold for the purple!