Trackosaurus Rex: Arik’s 49cm Cannondale Track Mar 12, 2013

Photo by Kyle Kelley

Most builders will tell you that a bike has the best proportions around 54-56cm in size. Yamaguchi will tell you that a 49cm bike will bring all frame design problems to the forefront. Modern cycling tells you that the tighter, more compact the frame is, the stiffer, lighter and most importantly, pro it is. All that applies here. Is Arik short? Or just going for that über pro look? Check out more at Tracko’s Flickr.

  • Luc Antaya

    Short people ride bikes too!

    • Tinj

      • Luc Antaya

        My 46 cm frame is made sad by this. 

  • phil gresty

    i anticipate the saddle height police to be out in force on this post.

  • Robert0321

    Life’s too shit to ride short bikes?

  • lol the homie Aric!