Leave It to Firefly to Make the Archetype Look Even Better Mar 13, 2013


I love the H+Son Archetype rim and leave it to Firefly to make this finish option really pop. Wow.

  • I bought high polish Archetypes last year, I don’t think it’s a new option.

    • I honestly hadn’t ever seen that option (pretty sure they just had hard ano and black for the past 6 months) but I’ll believe you. Post edited… ;-)

      • Well I did buy mine directly off the H-Plus Son website but I have had them laced to some Dura-Ace low flange for at least half a year if not a bit longer. It could be that none had made it to state side suppliers yet though.

      • Kyle Kelley

         I had them on the Sword and now the Ono.  You cray!

  • Luxe style.

  • Old Univega I have is rolling on Archetypes with the original 600 hubs. So solid, so smooth. Shimano cones and a 23mm wide rim are an unbeatable combo. 

  • The standard polished finish is spectacular – but that’s old news


  • Sean Curran

    This bike us outstanding. Fork does really good on there too. I need this rims on all my bikes.