The 2013 PiNP Calendar: March Mar 1, 2013


This is the third layout of the 2013 PiNP Calendar, entitled “The Lost Highway”. The camera, film used and location are located on the bottom left of the document.

On the first of each month, I’ll be posting a PDF file here on the site, allowing you to print this letter-sized document as you wish. Print as many copies as you’d like. Hand them out to friends or your local shop. It’s intended to be a free offering from the site, as a thank you to all the readers out there.

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time for rides that will kick your ass. The place where I go in the US for ass-kicking is Los Angeles. This stretch of the 2 is closed and for good reason. Falling rocks cover the road but man, is it other-worldly.


(UPDATED LINK – Sorry, I accidentally uploaded the JPG to the Dropbox!)

Right Click and Save Link As – 2013 PiNP Calendar: March

  • Adam Hite

    no pdf? no hi-res? this one prints kinda crappy compared to last months.

    • Shit! Ill fix it when I’m home…

      Pardon the brevity. Sent from my iPhone.

  • DamianRiehl

    This looks good, buddy. I love that road patchwork.

  • Andy Brown

    Bummed. I can never get these to open in .PDF I always get some sort of error…. Can you post a JPG as well?