Taipei Night Climbs Mar 19, 2013




Once you’ve settled into a new town, it’s always nice to go for a quick spin to loosen the legs up. Sometimes a short ride along the river, turns into exploring roads that shoot off into the mountain’s foothills. Taipei has some incredible riding in these neighboring mountains, just 8 miles from the central banking district.

My hope is that we get to spend an afternoon scaling some switchbacks but even tonight’s little jaunt was exactly what we needed. Well, minus the Chinese Tree Viper that I almost ran over. Yikes!

  • ZianStudios

    hemotoxin hurts like non other

  • Tom

    Great pictures. Makes me all the more excited to go to Taipei one day.

  • Taipei is just one of the best place in the world to bike around: flat roads, coastal roads, hills, mountain, forest, country side, riverside… <3

    • …except you feel like you smoked a pack of cigarettes when you’re done riding and there are fucking deadly snakes E V E R Y W H E R E ! ! haha

      • agree completely on both, wait till you get to SH, I lived and rode in Shanghai and Beijing (worst pollution imaginable) for two years and it was nuts. still working the black out of my lungs after 3 months of being home. despite that, there are some stunning places to live and ride in China / Taiwan.

  • Chinese Tree Viper was my nickname in college

  • these are awesome!

  • Nice dude!