Denver Randomness

Every time I travel, I always end up with scrap photos. Maybe they fit into an article, maybe they don’t. Usually they’re airport shots, which I like because it shows the weather of the departing and arrival city, or maybe they’re random portraits. Just hanging around a shop for a week often brings about unique moments. This batch from NAHBS is a little bit of all that.

I’ll narrate these as well, because the people in Denver are RAD!

Mamiya 7ii
Portra 400 / Velvia 100

  • Please keep the captions coming. Great shots as usual.

  • Greg Corlett

    Tyler’s truck is killer! Great shots, thanks for sharing.

  • Wow, thanks for the love.  The richness of these shots is incredible.  Can’t wait till I can afford a medium format camera!

  • ckamp

    Nice photo’s!

    Velvia from photo’s 1 to 6? Mabye 9 too?