PiNP EXCLUSIVE: Purchase Southern Safari Now on Vimeo Mar 16, 2013

While I’m in the middle of packing for, flying to and getting settled in Taiwan / China, check out the long-awaited Southern Safari video. Embedded above is the trailer and here’s the information:

“Southern Safari is the latest Loose Nuts Cycles team video starring fixed gear freestyle riders Miles Mathia, Kareem Shehab, Torey Thornton, and Tom Lamarche. Watch as this group brings fixed gear bikes into uncharted territory across the southern United States. Ledges, rails, stairsets and more all get destroyed by this four man army. Sit back, crack a cold one, and see what life is like on tour with the Loose Nuts Team.”

Buy it now on Vimeo for $8

  • Tom really goes big. Pretty amazing how gracefully he can bail when shit goes wrong.

  • Micheal Boedigheimer

    Anyone know the name of the song in the trailer?

    • Robert0321

      ‘I am a girlfriend’ by ‘Nobunny’

  • seattle

    Looks like a 10 year old bmx video.