One of the Sickest Wolf Drawn Photos Ever Mar 2, 2013

Photo by Matt Spencer

This is amazing. Well done Matt!

  • P Boyle

    Applauding this type of artistry  will create one upmanship. that will eventually get someone killed .


    • No it won’t.

    • adam_perin

      thanks momma bear

      • “if everyone was double pegging a bridge, would you?”

        • adam_perin

          Of course! I would feel obligated to. For shame this jerk for forcing me to risk my life.

    • P Boyle

       Just my opinion .

    • Don’t worry, they ‘shopped out the parachute  ;)

  • Kyle Kelley

    Pretty fucking good…definitely agree. 

  • Hmm…I think I see zip-ties holding the bike to the rails.

  • Balls.  Big ol’ balls, captured beautifully.  Outfuckingstanding.

  • This was pegs to hop over, right?