Mission Workshop _ PiNP in Taipei Mar 26, 2013

Taipei was not at all what I expected but in a good way. From walking the market streets, to climbing and descending the surrounding mountain ranges, we had a rad time in Taiwan. Check out this video Adventure Refugee made for Mission Workshop during our stay. Vimeo is blocked here in China so I haven’t seen the final edit but the rough cut looked pretty damn good.

  • Roger Chua

    the last part with the railroad is at Shifen right? i was thinking it will be a good route when i took the train up.

  • The video is blocked at work due to “Nudism” I think that may be wrong

  • crunchyjello

    As a resident of both Shanghai and Taiwan, and after looking and reading at the China Bike Tour posts I can say with certainty that it must have been one hell of an experience for you. It also makes me miss Taiwan all the more. I mean, on video, Taiwan doesn’t look too different from China but thats where the similarities end. In reality when you’ve experienced it (like you guys did) you’ll realize that people in Taiwan are friendly, helpful, polite. The air is not noxious and there are fantastic trails everywhere. In China its quite the opposite picture. Air here is so bad that I feel sick all the time. Add to this the rude locals and general low degree of consciousness among people and it really does suck the soul out of you. I realize I could be generalizing here, but there’s no denying there is truth to these statements. But, anyway kudos to you guys for diving in head first to experience all these things! – crunchyjello