Mission Bay Crit 2013 Mar 5, 2013



Photos by Mike Martin

Crihs‘ Mission Bay Crit was a huge success in SF and Mike Martin from MASH headed out to capture the night. I love low-light, moody photography like this. I’m stoked to hear this event went off smoothly and can’t wait to see more of these go down in SF.

Check out the official race report at MASH.

  • Crucial spelling error on the MASH site. “Racers met at the waters edge, and waited for the sun to set before moving a few blacks west to the race start.” 

    BLACKS? Oops.

  • Crihs talked a cop into letting the race continue right before the start. The cop pulled back and watched from the side line. Good work Crihs!

  • Is that a 66 Fixed jersey I see?! NICE! Florida fixed #wayoutthere.