Levi’s® Commuter Series 2013 Spring Lookbook Mar 14, 2013


Hypebeast has the drop on the new Levi’s Commuter Series spring lookbook for 2013. Head on over to see some familiar faces. Sup brehs?

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy their last parka because the new one looks incredible.

  • Sean Curran

    In glad they did another straight leg pant, wish they would do more colors. I got the 505 in green last year and really love them, but they are still pretty tight on my thighs. I dont know how the 511 fits people that ride, but maybe the proportions just dont work well on taller people like me.

    Although, I just noticed, the 504’s dont mention anything about being water resistant. Its not like the others are terribly water resistant anyways, but why would they leave that out?

    • I ride a lot but I mostly climb and I’ve lost a ton of mass off my thighs and legs as a whole. They do stretch, like all denim.

      • Sean Curran

        For me, I never seem to lose an mass there, maybe its not riding though, and more the other things I do. Or maybe I just need to climb more. Thats got to be it.

    • I ride everyday for FlavorCycle in Milwaukee, and when I’m not riding, I’m lifting. 
      Squats and leg presses will add a lot of strength, but also a lot of
      mass.  I’ve found Levi’s 508 to have the ideal lower-end fit around the
      calves and ankles found in the 511 while still allowing for the big guns
      up top around the thighs and glutes.  They also work better for layering in the winter, although that’s mostly a regional issue.