In Roads: Handmade Bikes in Denver and Boulder Mar 5, 2013

I’m still on kind of a Denver high and no, I’m not talking about the altitude. I really fell in love with that city and believe me, that’s a big deal considering it was under snow most of the time I was there. In Roads is the aforementioned documentary on handmade bikes in Denver and Boulder. Featuring Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop and Mosiac, with music by Trout Steak Revival. Great work Tyler!

Now I need to make it back when it’s warm!

  • I feel the same way man, that city really resonated with me. Nice meeting you briefly too!

  • logan sholar

    The best part about living in Denver, or even Colorado in general, is being able to camp in an amazing place then ride even more amazing trails right from your camp. And you can do this within an hour and a half of Denver. When you come back in the summer (late spring may be better) have someone take you camping and mtn biking at Buffalo Creek. You will absolutely love it. 

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  • See ya soon!  Bring your IF and Argonaut next time!

  • Come ride Loops sometime…. or jump in on one of the Denver Wheelman rides. They’re both a lot of fun!