Firefly Detail Photos by Heather McGrath Mar 6, 2013

Photo by Heather McGrath

For Firefly’s latest build, they had Boston photographer Heather McGrath come in for some detail photos. I’ve been following this bike’s process over on their Tumblr and the end product is quite nice. Check out more detail photos from the Firefly titanium and carbon road at their Flickr and see the full build right here.

  • Joshua Robot

    I remember telling Mr Archer about my dream bike.
    He was all “Hey. . . 1993 called, they want their prototype back.”

    Thing is, I was envisioning this very bike. It’s wonderful how the folks at Firefly somehow can take a figment of my imagination and make it better in reality.

  • quesofrito


  • I’d love one, but two things need to happen first, twin seat stays and a normal headtube.

  • I don’t know how this piece of Art rides but it is beautifull indeed !