Feedback Sports Sprint Work Stand Mar 5, 2013



NAHBS is always overwhelming for me but sometimes I just like to see really useful products mixed in with all the high-end, custom bikes. I’ve put my Feedback Pro Elite stand through the ringer over the years and I really love the simplicity of it but when I saw the Sprint Work Stand, I had to check it out. The front fork mount is compatible with all spacing for front or rear dropouts and the bottom bracket padding slides to accomodate all wheelbases.

See more details at Feedback Sports and a few more shots below.




  • Eliot Clarke

    we have one of these in the shop i’m at. i’m not sure how i feel about it yet. this isn’t me internet talking shit, i think i’m just scared of new things.

    • Yeah, I wanna try one out for a little bit.

    • burbsie

      They’re great stands, and really well designed.  For most frames, you can slide the fork mount back far enough to have full access to the BB and any internal cable routing.  The only bike I have had issues with is the Specialized transitin, which has a rear brake that sticks out quite a bit and will end up with the frame resting on the brake mount if you aren’t careful.  I do like that you can spin the bike around as you work on it, particularly when cleaning with it.  Also, you don’t run into the issue of trying to clamp an aero seat post, or risk hanging the bike by the nose of the saddle (since its a terrible idea to clamp a carbon bike by the top tube).

  • ZianStudios

    Any more photos of this bike?

  • zachary wright

    I’d use one of these if I only worked on track bikes. Would be nice for race-day type situations at a velodrome when your switching wheels a lot. Anything with a front brake seems like it would just be a hassle to deal with though. Also headset adjustments could be difficult.

  • I used one last sunday to wash a bike, it was easy throwing it on there and spinning it around.

  • Jordan Carver

    The bike is made by Rich Gangl who is a legend in Colorado. Not only are his bikes beautiful, but he is a stand up guy and a former track world champion. He’s a bit of a recluse, no website and hard to get a hold of, but well worth the effort. 

  • Rich Gängl is so rad!  

  • zachary wright

    Anyone know anything about those cranks? Im assuming they are road cranks, was there ever a hidden bolt track crank from campy? 

  • The euro style work stands can be really nice.  I’ve always used feedback clamps on park stands in every shop I have been in.  I really like the feedback clamp.  Very simple and durable.  

    I have a tacx euro work stand for my home use and have really enjoyed it.  It is not  nearly as portable as the feedback (which I have also used), but I have been satisfied with the the style.

    As for brake and headset adjustments, it really isn’t that bad. You’ll see most mechanics pull the bicycle out of the stand to check the headset anyways.

    Overall, great stand and beautiful bicycle. Gangl does beautiful frames.