Damian Riehl: Gone Fishin’ Mar 11, 2013


Photo by Damian Riehl

As long as Damian keeps photographing this work horse, I’ll keep posting it. Even if this Casati is in need of a quick seat stay repair.

  • ckamp

    Nice, good too see this one from time to time. I have always wondered about some of the elegant seatstays that Casati used and if they get fatigued. This one has likely been though it all!

  • I owned this cursed beautiful bike before Damian.  Sold it when I built my first frame for myself. This bike has been through hell and couldn’t have a better owner.

    • DamianRiehl

      And this is the reason we met randomly while I was riding it at work in SF. You told me it was cursed way back then and I wasn’t buying it.

  • JAH

    Hey, Damian, How about your ship the TCB porteur racks that your sold via big cartel in Jan 2013 or refund our money? Great photos but poor business practice and ethics. Do right.