Bicycling Magazine: Bilenky Cycle Works Mar 1, 2013

I love this video so much. If you are a supporter of hand-made bikes or hand-made anything, you should watch it.


Produced for: Bicycling Magazine ///
Directed by: Andrew David Watson ///
Edited by: Josh Camerote ///
Music by: Southern ///

  • Chris Graham

    Well there you have it. It only comes through the hard work of just doing it.

  • A lovely video, It’s special when you are able to put a face on a bike frame.  I guess this also helps discern the style and soul of the builder so that like-minded clients know right away they have found the man or woman who is going to build their dream bike.

  • great great video.

  • “They were all like worthy souls.”  Indeed they are.

  • ReloadRo

    my Bilenky cargo bike is the best bike ive ever owned, and the only one i havent sold to purchase something else within four years of ownership. it’s perfect.

  • love this. so proud to have a bilenky.