Rob’s All City Nature Boy

If I had to guess off the top of my head, which model bike has been featured the most on the site, it’d have to be the All City Nature Boy. Whether racing it singlespeed cross, or commuting or messengering on it, the Nature Boy is the people’s choice and when I saw Rob’s, I had to give it some lens love. Lots of street grime, character, stickers and yes, a top tube pad, make this one of the more unique builds I’ve seen. Technically, this isn’t a singlespeed though. Rob got a bit crafty with his setup. Look closely…

  • Baler71


  • John Jones

    nice, no dos eno required, just spacers & smarts…

    • Thank you so much for figuring it out and getting it! Not going to lie I stole this from a polo dude from dc and his 2009? felt breed the black and robing blue one. I saw it in Richmond for NACCC an was like “what a genius!!!” and ripped it off. don’t know the guys name but I know the DC polo dudes go hard!!!

      • Siiiiiick bike man! What’s the rear hub?

      • John Jones

         I’m gonna shamelessly copy too. That’s a damn good idea.

  • barrierhero

    Fuck yeah work bike. John you should take more pictures of bikes like these.

  • Jon Schratz

    haha, DINGLE SPEED!  nice.


  • Maxwell Long

    I love flat/riser bar’d cross bikes for some reason. Definitely appreciate the dinglespeed set up as well. Great bike!

  • Love the clever sprocket setup. How does he tension the chain for the smaller sprocket?

    • *Facepalm. Didn’t look closely enough. Just noticed that there are two chainrings as well.

  • A nice Dinglespeed setup, I’d love to know the 2 different ratio’s.
    I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with setup and tension on something like this…

  • I reckon this is the best looking bike on here hahaha so good.