Josh’s Avery County Cycles Colorado Commuter

When Josh from Avery County Cycles won the rookie of the year award at this year’s NAHBS, I don’t think anyone was surprised. I for one, was not in the least bit. His self-described Colorado front-range commuter is a mixture of things. Part cross bike, part light-tourer / commuter, with a trail suitable for off-roading. He kept the rear end tight, at 405mm and a nice, even bb drop of 65mm. While there are rack provisions on the rear, Josh prefers a bit of backpack camping.

Enough about the use and geometry, this is a show bike with all the suiting accoutrement. The hardware is copper-plated, there’s a machined lamp tab on the non-drive fork, Avery “A” fork crown inlay and a ‘perty blue matte coat of paint. The color really looks great in person. In fact, this whole bike looks great in person and in photos. See for yourself in the Gallery!

  • Am loving those copper details.

  • Revisited this gallery three times and more details keep jumping out. Beautiful.

  • Edward Scoble

    His body proportion must’ve been something if he have that saddle set very far forward.

    • Delvy Gusmiranto

      Who gives a damn, it works for him

  • recurrecur

    That’s just gorgeous. 
    And sensible.

  • Copper game killing it!

  • Thomas Aagaard

    What’s the crank model?

  • Awesome dude, great bike.

  • What’s that little brass-ended plug on the left-hand fork?

  • Killer build. I love this thing. We’ve recently done several 1 By’s, using the Paul chain keep every time.

  • The S900 lever is clutch. Just switched to a single ring up front for cross and I’m always worried about screwing up a perfectly good shifter. I gotta get one.

  • Wow. All copper hardwares? custom?
    Where can i get them?