Jon from Two Tone ATL’s Six Eleven Bicycle Co

I’ll admit. When I first saw Jon from Two Tone ATL‘s bike sitting in the Six Eleven booth at NAHBS, I didn’t know what to think. First, I looked at the bottom bracket, which looked like a drop track, then the angles were pretty damn close to parallel, with a cross fork rake and S&S couplers. Rando? Tourer? Cross? Travel, disc road with fender clearance? Honestly, it looked kinda like a track bike, too.

Initially, I was reminded of the Homer Car, which might seem like an insult but it’s not. One of the merits of a custom build is that no matter what you think you may want, a builder can and usually will make it. Jon’s a self-described “trackie”. He likes the feel of a track bike. Aggressive angles, nimble handling, higher bb and yes, Speedplay pedals. The seat tube and head tube angles float in around 73.5 degrees with a BB drop of 55mm (most cross bikes float around 65mm – 68mm) and 420mm chainstay.

If I had to categorize it as anything, it’d be a cross bike but it’s more than that. Maybe a “Rock and Road”, a la Bruce Gordon? Jon describes the bike as “versatile” and I feel like a lot of builders get requests for bikes like this. A jack of all trades, master of none. Mechanical discs, Chris King Iso Disc R45, ENVE tapered cross fork and yes, it has Retroshift, which I actually like on this bike. I always use barcons on my touring rigs and I can appreciate the simplicity and reliability of shifting with barcons.

Look, this is an odd duck. Not an ugly duckling, but a strange fowl. It is not a production bike, however, so don’t get your feathers in a ruff. For Jon, this is exactly what he wanted and I’m sure people are still going to insist that they know best here – read Bike Snob‘s commentary yesterday? Jon knew exactly what he wanted. He’s a well seasoned cyclist and this is his dream machine. Maybe one day you can chat about it with Jon on a ride but chances are, he’ll be waiting for you at the top of even the steepest climb (not joking, dude is a hoss).

  • I was super hyped seeing this bike out in Denver! Even better seeing Jon out shredding on Sunday with all the snow. 

  • logicandheart

    Man this thing is badass.  Feel like it’s the dream for someone who started out weaving in traffic with a track bike.  

  • These look great!  Thank you so much the kind words!  My rides in Austin this week proved to be perhaps the best testament to this bike’s ability to adapt. Your way off the beaten path ‘CX’ ride steeped with lunar landing / mars rover terrain, hill country climbs & hairpin descents on other days with Cassidy, Matt & David & of course maneuvering through the SXSW traffic & crowds with Austin all are separate disciplines in their own right.  The icing on the cake was packing it up and flying home with the practicality that an S&S coupled frame affords. Having your own bike on far away soil is the best. Riding with your buds is even better.  Glad you’re feeling better!  p.s. for the record: the speedplays are temporary.  I’m looking for the yellow time Atacs!

    • Ryan Connelly

      Following your Flickr account has brought nothing but joy. It was awesome to watch the build take shape, and these detailed shots are lovely! Plans to get Otto on a matching ride?

      • Thanks man! Ha! Otto will certainly have some sweet rigs someday but he’ll have to earn em! ; )

    • Absolute blast riding with you Jon! Hope to do it again some time soon – I’m definitely going to be planning a NAHBS trip next year. These photos also do the bike justice for sure. It’s one sweet machine.

  • stateofnonreturn

    holy moly great composition!

  • It’s an odd breed but then so is Jon. Nice bike man.

  • D.J. Bolles

    This stood out the most from all the bikes that popped up on various NAHBS feeds. To sound… weird, it’s not afraid to be different. It’s custom, super badass, and ready for everything. More importantly, Jon probably is through the roof pumped over it. And isn’t that all that matters.  (I’d rock retroshift, hells yes!)

  • MF_A2

    great bike, great guy, great builder. no problems.

  • D0rk

    This is a really close representation of what I would build given the funds and the freedom to spec what I wanted. Fantastic bike/pictures/write-up.

  • I think I’m in love. 

  • This is all kinds of awesome. Big fan of Six Eleven. Interesting hose/cable clamp ‘collar’ on the fork – it looks like it sits in its own groove?

    • That’s ENVE’s system, 611 rebadged it.

  • naisemaj

    I would love if that bike existed both in my garage and quite a bit larger.  I can’t believe I missed this at NAHBS.  Are those the only bottle cages that will work on there?  They look cramped.

  • I’ve been looking forward to seeing more of this bike. Cute shot of Jon, too. That’s one to send home to mama.

  • A+ dude and the bike ain’t bad. ; )  .  PS Jon, send me your address and I might have some ATACs with your name on them.

    • will do!  I owe Ash some wine too! Plus i still have your gloves!

  • almost polo bike-ish.

  •  This is exactly what I want to ride other than my track bike! Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to go custom. Anything similar to this geometry on the mass produced market? Or do I have to wait until Jon gets a new one, and make him an offer!?

  • It looks like he installed the ability to break the bike down in half with those metal couplings.  That’s something I need to invest in…

  • This is so stupid.

  • Power to you for dialing what you want, or think you want, but this isn’t a cross bike. Dirt roads, sure.