Argonaut Cycles by Brian Vernor Free Digital Download Mar 5, 2013


I’m so pumped on this Argonaut book. I’ve got the physical copy and it’s one of the best pieces of branding to come from a cycling company I’ve seen. Brian’s film photography might have something to do with it. Might..

Brian Vernor did an amazing job capturing Ben’s vision and passion for ride quality and life on the bike. Argonaut is excited to publicly release the book, as only a select few have physical copies. Many thanks to Brian and David at Wilderness for helping us put this project together. We hope you enjoy it.”

Click here to download this incredible book for free!

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    Good people making beautiful things. Honored to be friends with them.

  • Good people making beautiful things! Honored to be friends with them.

  • The snap of the Land Rover Defender and the two bicycles is the greatest thing that I have seen all year.