Amen Mar 2, 2013


It was great seeing you in Austin, Steve. Amen, brother.


  • schue113

    That is why my next track frame is going to be an FBM Sword. 

  • schue113

    That and your build got me super excited about that bike.

  • frankjasper

    Nice statement, but isn’t this a little hypocritical given that FBM builds complete BMX’s in china? I in-fact own a chinese FBM, which is a great bike but still.

    • They’re producing bikes in Taiwan, not China, with the goal of creating cheaper entry level bikes. So many young kids rely on this bikes to get into the sport. Also, I think they’re talking more about companies like Nike and Adidas or Giant who basically just bought out Mosh to get into BMX.

      • frankjasper

        Taiwan, right, my mistake. Here’s a relevant quote from FBM’s John Paul Rodgers, just food for thought. “It’s a massive fallacy that Taiwan factories are state of the art facilities with dudes walking around in white lab coats and they are pristine and immaculate. Most of them look like tin sheds, they’re filled with machines, other than some of the workers wearing sandals two sizes too small, it’s not that exciting or impressive. It’s more of a cost issue obviously, with all the wang-dang-doodle, flim-flammery on new frames, we can’t cost effectively do the same stuff in the States. To say they have better “welding technology” and superior equipment is a moronic statement.”

        Good point regarding the buy out of Most, I hadn’t heard about that and I suppose brings an entire new meaning to “selling out”. 

        • well, that’s because you bought the entry level model. Of course its made in taiwan, like 90% of other bikes on the market. If you’re gonna be a cheapass, it’s gonna be foreign, period.