2013 NAHBS Gallery

“builder’s hands are always dirty…”

NAHBS is always a difficult event to cover. There’s no feasible way for me to go to every booth and talk to the builders, or select one of their frames to shoot, so I tend to just walk around, aimlessly and stop to shoot when something catches my eye. This Photoset is filled with randomness from the show, check the captions for more information and check out my other NAHBS coverage here.

  • Brian Chasm

    im with ya on that hunter dirt drop 29er.  lots of folks hated it, but i think it’s the bike i wanted to go home with the most.  looks like a fucking hoot.

    •  how could someone hate that? it’s 100% original radness

  • Jeffery Shepherd

    Never seen tied and soldered spokes before (shown on the Soulcraft). I found this on it — http://www.urbanvelo.org/issue11/urbanvelo11_p70-71.html However, the link says there isn’t a structural diference between tied/untied spokes and the tie is to help prevent a broken spoke from tangling up. Does anyone know more about this?

  • +1 on the Hunter love, that’s rad. The grey Stinner’s paint job got my attention though, pretty fucking great.

  • the english tt bike is bonerific

  • Are those animal skin Fizik saddles gonna be made available to the public ever?  I know they’re ridiculous, and probably not great for riding, but they look so fucking awesome.

  • Goog Smells

    Does anyone know what fork is on the black and orange Indy Fab cross bike?

  • John

    Oh so nice. Love the pix. I might have to make the trip next year. Absolutely fabulous.