Trackosaurus Rex: Sean Martin’s LOW Feb 4, 2013

LOW_track_bike_tape LOW_track_bike

Photos by Kyle Kelley

Tracko‘s back up and running but Kyle’s still sorting out the back end. Sean Martin from TOLA‘s new LOW is tasty. Check out more of this delicious bike here.

Where are your handlebars dude?

  • Roger Chua

    i like it. the contrast is quite refreshing.

  • barrierhero

    I like it, but I’m really tired of seeing these bikes

    • ZianStudios

      me too; I’m thinking of throwing mine away

      • barrierhero

         opinions are opinions. Do what you want with your bike.

  • wheeeeeere do you get that bar tape?  It’s beautiful!

  • sean martin

    Thanks Kyle! Thanks John! I got the tape from an online search…


  • Davey Struthers

    real nice. serfas does a camo tape, yea what barrrrs though?

  • Usually hate camo. Can’t really figure out why I love this bike.