Signal Cycles: Black Gravel Crusher Feb 2, 2013


You can do gravel rides on a road bike with 23c tires if you’re careful and you pick your lines wisely or you can roll on some 33c Grifos and enjoy the ride a little more. This new Signal Cycles Gravel Crusher looks like a lotta fun, especially with the Mini Moto setup. Check out more at Signal Cycles’ Flickr.

  • George Kilby

    i’m not the biggest fan of paul components but those mini-v’s do deserve an OOFT and a half

    •  i like those brakes too. what don’t you like about their other parts?

  • Not too far off from my Mr. Pink (same Grifos, mix of Force/Rival, H+Son TB14s laced to White Ind., med. reach Tektros). I feel like I can take it anywhere. Just road in our first Shiverwest 24 ride today (Milwaukee) and those tires running at about 30psi rocked the snow/ice.
    -Joshua Sutton

  • Could have done with some of those yesterday when I found myself climbing ‘Dirt Mulholland’ on 23c Diamante Pros! Lovely bike, btw.

    • I did that on 23c shitty specialized tires. It was hella fun.

  • That headset stack makes me want to throw up in my mouth otherwise I love this bike

    • signalcycles

      This customer requested a generous about of steerer left uncut as he wanted to ride the new bike for awhile before ordering a custom Signal stem with exact stack built in to the stem. But thanks for your very qualified commentary!