Reader’s Rides: Ainis’ Cinelli Vigorelli Feb 14, 2013

Photos by Ainis Permins

The last Cinelli I featured in a Reader’s Rides post was all about low-visibility. As a striking contrast, Ainis Permins‘ Vigorelli is about as as far from low-vis as you can get. This one’s bright but pretty damn sharp! See more below.




  • Really clean

  • Ian Stone

    Do reader’s just send you pictures of their bike or what?

    • Yeah, it’s a Reader’s Rides. People send it their bikes and I post them up. Granted, I like the photos to be nice, so there are some that don’t make it on the site…

      • Ian Stone

        That’s pretty cool. Ever thought about having a tab at the top called Reader’s Rides where you post pics pics and maybe a name and location? Just a thought.

  • Very clean.

  • looks like Ainis took notes from Cinelli’s most recent Zydeco… sick bike!

  • Ant Tran

    This is the way forward. Looks great and practical. Photos of it in low light please!

  • Woow! I’ve never been a fan of the Vigorelli, but this totally changed my mind. Well done Ainis.