Porcelain Rocket: Bicycle Portage for Your Rugged Rig


Porcelain Rocket: Bicycle Portage for Your Rugged Rig



Depending on how light you travel by bike, these two bags could very well hold everything you need for a week-long bicycle tour or camping trip and the best thing is, you don’t need rack mounts or any additional provisions. Just a seat post, saddle rails and handlebars. The frame, bar and saddle bags that are coming out of Porcelain Rocket’s shop in Calgary are strikingly beautiful.

This isn’t your traditional waxed canvas and leather saddle bags used by randonneurs. These bags are made from Dimension Polyant VX21, HDPE and clasp together with Rock Lockster buckles. They can be customized to any number of color combinations and patterns (see above). Used primarily by MTBrs, these packs will fit on just about any bicycle frame.

I’ve never used a Porcelain Rocket bag, but I had great luck with my  Viscacha saddle bag by Revelate Designs, which looks similar. I’m heading out to Asia in a few weeks and then to Australia, where I’ll be using my Viscacha yet again. I would be picking up a set from Scott if he didn’t have such a long lead-time.

You’ll have to wait about 10-12 weeks for your Porcelain Rocket bag but they look like they’re worth the wait. Check out the full line at Porcelain Rocket and see more of Scott’s creations on his Flickr.