Perspective Feb 4, 2013


Perspective has many applications, especially with reference to this site. PiNP made its impact through covering track bikes and FGFS in NYC and beyond. Still, cycling commentary, of all sorts filled the pages. Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time riding road bikes, been out bicycle camping, touring and the content all shifts depending on what’s going on.

Sometimes, looking at things a little differently can change your perspective and even a new track bike can bring back the nostalgic past. Shooting the Sword today made me really miss the days of bombing NYC traffic with my friends and wheeling down the avenues.

Even before I pushed hard on domestically-produced bikes and components, the Profile fixed hubs were the best thing money could buy for the street-thrashers and they look so bitching on this bike.

What I’m trying to say is, I fucking love this bike.

More to come…

  • Never been so f-ing excited

  • A purple flash and it’s gone!

  • Jason Villanueva

    Enough of the teasers!! haha 

  • Frickin’ tease.. is that a production frame I smell? Possibly a Milwaukee with custom purple sparkle paint? 

  • Ian Stone

    What was your reasoning for building another steel fixed? What can it do that your Icarus can’t? “Because” is an acceptable answer too. lol

  • Benes4

    Stop teasing me BRO.