New Bling for the Bishop Feb 11, 2013


Last summer, Chris King gave me one of their soon-to-be-reissued purple NoThreadSets and all I could think was “this will be perfect on the Bishop”. For whatever reason, it sat on my desk, staring me down until the other day when I finally broke out my headset tools and installed it. This, along with the new Tune Skewers I ordered from Fairwheel Bikes (hey, no one could order them locally) brought just the right amount of purple to the already classy Bishop road.

See a few more shots below.



I really love this bike.

  • Fact. 

  • Purple hill eater.
    2.5mm Lizard Skins?

  • What length stem and -/+ is that? Very clean build.

  • Nice bit o’Poiple, Mister!
    Looks like the setup dorks have taken Monday off – I can offer my services if you like though?
    “Ermahgerd, your bartape is wound tighter than mine” / “Only MTBers and TTers have their front skewer pointing straight backwards” / “I don’t know who setup your Viking stem decal (super-sick decal, brah!), but it’s totally impinging on the ‘O’ of that upper THOMSON logo” / “Your stem’s waaaay too low, even though I’ve never met you” / etc…

  • Mr Bridge stem is not tooo low ,frame is tooo big may be?And everyone sets his bike the way they feel is good for them and ride you probably can’t even buy Thompson 2X

    • Stem is level with the ground. Frame fits me as per a professional fit. I’m 6’2″ with a 36″ inseam.

      • Jim

        Mind me asking what kind of headtube length you end up with on your bikes? I’m 6′ with a 36″ inseam — was a bit shocked after going for a full fit, and a custom frame spec came out with a 230mm HT!

        Great fit and handling is what I’m after — but don’t want to be riding a clown bike either.

        How do you get the geo right for long leg / short torso? BB and ST angle as need consideration?