Introducing the Tanner Goods Edition by Cielo Feb 11, 2013




I’m one of those guys that loves a good collaboration, especially between two exceptional, made in the USA brands like Cielo and Tanner Goods. We saw some early bicycle portage work from Tanner at NAHBS last year and this year, Cielo will be presenting two special bicycles, both complete with handmade Tanner products. Choose either the Tanner Goods Edition Cross Classic or Sportif Classic and they will come loaded with a handlebar bag, saddle bag, frame bag, painted matching fenders and Tanner mud flaps.

Check out more photos here!

Stay tuned for more information, including pricing and availability, during NAHBS.

  • Bryan Smith

    any other snaps of that Cielo anywhere? That thing looks sick

  • I hope the bags will be available separately too.

  • brennan mcginn

    So to start, this bicycle is beautiful. The collaboration is awesome and they two companies fit together so well.  I look forward to seeing this in person in a couple of weeks. 

    BUT, as a member of the industry (mechanic, sales associate, and I even ride my bicycles) I don’t see the appeal of using these rims with brakes. Yes, it is a machined brake track, but it is still anodized.  I guess it is just because I have not tried them yet, but it seems you would have some negative effect on braking with the anodization even with the machining.  

    With all that said I have been wanting to build a set of these up.  I have built the sl42, formation, and tb14s and been very impressed with the quality. So there must be something good about them!

    • I dunno, mine seem to brake just fine. In a blind test, you wouldn’t know the difference. Just another case of “don’t think about it so hard on the internet” I think. 

  • Am I the only one who thinks the design of these bags is really unattractive? I mean we all know that Tanner makes great stuff, and the materials are just as nice here, but who the hell is actually going to strap these lunkers onto their frames? They’re hideous! I’d rather string a fanny pack around my handlebars than be caught spending money to make my bike look like this.