I Went to NAHBS and All I Got Was…. Feb 25, 2013


Hey, it’s been over 10 years since I had a mountain bike and I couldn’t resist… More on this later. For now, I’m having too much fun in the snow.

  • Scott Hawks

    Enjoy it!

  • yes!

  • Dude, I just got my Fat Chance in, they’re like brothers

  • sooooooooo how many bikes have you picked up i the last year and a half?!

    • why is this relevant?

      • just curious dude. not bashing or anything, i love the content John show cases here.

        • fair enough, i just feel like every time he gets a new bike there are like 6 people who immediately go “OH MAN HOW MANY BIKES DO YOU HAVE NOW MR FAMOUS BLOGGER MAN” – see “Joeseph Blow” and “barrierhero” above – he rides bikes, he likes bikes, if he can afford a new one, especially one he doesnt already own BUT SHOULD (like a mtb), who cares?

          • Ian Stone


  • YES. How do you like the CB bars? Was always a little uneasy about them.

    • One ride on them so far… So far, they feel great and I like the width.

  • Nice.. fully-rigid Indy Fab? Boss.

    How many frickin’ bikes does that total?!?

    • barrierhero

       uhhh maybe like 30

  • Beautiful color!

  • Nice, I picked up a new mtb too. It’s sitting next to me now.

  • Jacob Fraint

    Can’t wait to see more photos, looks great. Loving the full rigid too! 

  • Andy Nisbet

    Killer. Do you think sometime you could post a shot of your full stable? I’d love to see all your bikes together. 

  • Love that fork.

  • Where’s the new touring bike!?

  • D.J. Bolles

    “All I got was this bike, these photos and this hangover.” That bike looks like a blast.

  • lw

    Dat bluuuuuuu!!!!

  • I think I’m more hyped on the Ingleheart fork.

    • Mister Dangerpants

       That would be “Igleheart.”