Giro First Friday 50: “Sherwood Camouflage” LX LF Glove Feb 1, 2013


Giro’s First Friday 50 is a new promotion where both new and classic designs return in a limited run. Each product is in stock, via the Giro Facebook page and with only 50 pieces available, they’re sure to sell out fast!

This month’s First Friday 50 is their “Sherwood Camouflage” LX LF Glove.

“We decided to bring a timeless “Sherwood Camouflage” pattern to the LX LF™ by using a process that enables a design to be permanently applied to leathers. Sherwood Camouflage is a subtle variation of Woodland Camo, which was designed at the end of World War II by the US Army Engineer Research and Development Lab.”

Scoop these up after “liking” their Facebook here. Hurry though, I waited to post this after I made sure I could buy a pair myself…

  • Ian Stone

    Those would look great with that Poler kit I missed out on… :(

  • Jordan Freymiller

    thats bullshit that you have to have a facebook to even get these.

  • Lemontime


  • mine arrived today and holy shit, where have these been my whole life??? thanks for mentioning these john.