Giro: Republic Shoes Feb 28, 2013


I’ve been pumped on what Giro is putting out over the past few years and I was very stoked on their new Republic Shoe when I got a sneak peek at Interbike this year. Here’s a few words from Giro on their new urban / commuter / touring shoe, that fits right in alongside their New Road line:

“The Republic is really unlike other cycling shoes,” said Eric Richter, Giro Senior Brand Manager. “At heart, it’s a modern cycling shoe with a sleek profile and all of the essential performance elements that you need to pedal efficiently. But in spirit and style, it’s a new kind of shoe made for the streets, with a look and feel that’s great on the bike or walking into an office, whether you’re wearing street clothes or cycling apparel.”

The Republic Shoe retails at $150, comes in sizes 6 1⁄2 to 13 1/2 and three colors. Pick them up at Giro retailers this month.

See more product photos below!







  • These look a bit like golf shoes to me…

  • sygyzy

    Curious to see how these compare to Mission Workshop shoes. Personally, I am happy to see more “casual” bike shoes on the market. I don’t always want to wear Sidi Road Shoes when I am just getting breakfast or coffee.

  • I bet these will look great once broken in, especially the black ones. Very ’70s soccer style, though that could have been mitigated somewhat by colouring main sole element gum or black.

  • Raymond Walker

    These are cool, but I wish they would have gone straight gum on the soles of the black version :( Why can no one figure out how to make a subtlety colored cycling shoe?

  • Hurtin’ Albertan

    So close. I’m glad they are releasing a black shoe though. It would be a lot nicer with a full gum or full black sole. I agree that the white looks like a golf shoe.

    That being said I wear my bronze Shimanos to fancy dinners with my girl.

    I’m curious to see these in the flesh.

  • hannibal chew

    So close, but still so far. If I’m going to wear cycling shoes around town I’m just going to wear straight up road shoes. I would love to get a discreet, good looking shoe with cleats, but I second what’s being said here, these look too much like golf shoes or goofy soccer cleats.

  • Jon Schratz

    Nice SKETCHERS bra.  

  • DamianRiehl

    I like riding my bike, and I also love bowling. These make me want to roll…