Giro Introduces the New Road Apparel Line Feb 28, 2013


After months upon months of design, development and prototyping, the Giro New Road line is now available at select shops. I’ve had hands on experience with many of these pieces and I’m very impressed with the concept and construction. While they look like casual silhouettes, these jerseys are part of an innovative design that allows you to access pockets on the bib “briefs”. Some of these products are meant to work as a kit and others are to be treated as a normal jersey. It’s hard to describe but the product photos below explain better than I can.


The technical, merino blends fit great and have clean, modern lines but most importantly for me, the New Road line is made in the USA and is still affordable. I have and will commend Giro for developing, designing and manufacturing this product line in the state of California.

There’s more to come but for now, you can see the product shots below.



































… this descent was so much fun!

  • So freakin’ classy! I told my girlfriend I needed to grow a beard so I can rock this ish.

  • looks amazing! any chance european shops will carry these items? the giro page wont load :(

  • c1351575

    what is that bike on the second photo?

  • Ryan McAnulty

    Everything looks spot on! I wish I could take 1 of each!

  • cabbagepatchelvis

    Join the civilian peloton! I like it!

    Looking forward to hearing your assessment on this stuff – seems that it performs decently with you guys being able to ride all day in it.

  • Man, the collared jacket shirt thing and the shorts look absolutely killer! 100% gonna be purchasing that stuff! 

  • Rad, but I think we have different conceptions of what “affordable” means.

    • It’s less expensive than comparable products made overseas.

      • Now I understand what you meant, but I still don’t think that “less expensive” means affordable.

  • LAMO…like a generic version of Rapha w/o logos…Hopefully it at least costs less as a generic version.

    • Totally different. Its actually closer to SWRVE, Outlier and Cedar if anything.

  • So, the bibs are “undershorts?” Could they be worn like regular bibs? (i.e. without shorts on top)

    • No. I mean you could but they’d be revealing. Unless you like that sort of thing.

      • The ribbing on the pee flap pretty much told me that this is padded underwear, but you’re the one who touched/wore them, so I wanted to make sure.

  • Jordan Freymiller

    thanks for the photos. You show way more detail on your site than the giro site and i’m now interested in at least three more pieces because of it

  • I can definitely get behind this! I’m in love.

  • couldn’t focus on the design since I was so confused with the non cyclist model with hairy legs

    • Daniel Rittler

       I commute more than I race. I race more than I don’t. I don’t however shave my legs. Target Market

  • r d

    So it’s kinda like Outlier with a bit of Nau but not as well designed as the former and not as many asymmetrical zippers/openings as the former? Plus some unnecessary logos and details that are lame? Don’t get it…

  • 0Hsnaps

    @john – what glasses you rocking in the shoot? jawbones? let me know? would like to get my hands on same exact pair your rocking.

    • ckamp

      I want to be just like John!.. :)

      Nice photo shoot!

      • 0Hsnaps

        @ckamp – haha, didn’t know grade school jokes still existed and taking interest in someone’s taste was wrong. Hopefully all the things you own are individually created by you and no one else.

        • ckamp

          The man has good style, you paid a compliment! I was not looking to offend.

  • Sean Curran

    Wow, really excited about all of this. I like the idea of using some of this on the trails too. its unfortunate im rather tall and most things dont fit, hows the length (specifically on the shirts)?

  • berlissa

    Great concept-where’s the womens’ line?  And please don’t make it tiny like so many women’s cycling clothes- I am a solid size 8, but can’t find a jacket that fits and so have to go to a men’s.  We are not all size 0’s.