Fyxation Asks: What’s in Your Quiver? Feb 17, 2013


“In early 2012 when we started to work on the Quiver our goal was to introduce a frameset that was affordable, versatile and flexible enough that with a few different parts you could build your ideal bike. Whether you need an aggressive commuter, a comfortable city bike or an affordable frameset for cyclocross season, we feel the Quiver is the frameset for you.

Relaxed road geo, plenty of room for large tires and fenders plus Fyxation’s unique combination of removable derailleur hanger and cable stops make this frame just as at home as a single speed, internal or 1×10 build. Designed with horizontal dropouts, removable derailleur hanger and removable cable stops, the Quiver can be run as an ultra clean single speed or as a 2×10 build. We also made the rear wheel spacing 132.5 to accommodate a road hub or internal gear hub. Want to run a large tire? The Quiver can take up to 700x47c. Need fenders or a rack? The Quiver comes equipped with dual eyelets in the rear dropout and fender eyelet on the fork.

The Quiver is in production now and will be in stock at Fyxation dealers in mid April.”

See more info and specs at Fyxation.

  • The set up of that bike is simply wrong. The hood placement is wrong and not even. The chain is too long. This is in their TRADE CATALOG! It makes one wonder if fyxation really cares. 

    • Ryan Connelly

      While I somewhat understand the appeal to bring things of this nature to light within the topic, a proper-professional-adult manner of discussion regarding issues with ‘set up’ would be to contact the manufacturer.
      In any event, it is truly hard to distinguish what is a proper set-up from pictures. As much as this set-up may offend you, this may work well for someone else.

      • While I do believe that bike fit is subjective, chain length is not. Further, Sram has spent a lot of time making their hoods ergonomic based on them leaving the bar with as little angle as possible and the top of the bar and hoods being a couple of degrees in either direction from parallel to the ground. This bikes problems are beyond aesthetics and are objectively incorrect. My issue, though, is less with the poor production quality of Fyxation and more with the fact that a blogger, whose bike savvy i really respect, has posted in on his blog which I typically enjoy. Obviously it is an advertisement but i am still somewhat disappointed.

        • I’m fine with you critiquing their build but don’t think for a second that’s how “advertisements” on this blog work. I am not obligated to post anything from advertisers, I just thought I’d share this bike after they sent out their press release. The site is as much about showcasing people’s bikes, frame builders, videos as it is sharing available products.

          Some of which I would not use but that’s only because I have other options. Many people don’t though, so I share what the audience can then decide upon if they like or not. Critique these products all you want but don’t call my bike savviness into play.

          • Oh dont get me wrong, I really respect your bike savviness and your blog which is absolutely overflowing with awesome well built bikes. Which is why i was surprised to see the bike in the previous picture and assumed it was perhaps an obligation. 

          • I am never obligated to post / review / proclaim / use anything. I’ll review products that I feel need a review (some products that readers ask me to review specifically) and I’ll always be honest with them.

            My credibility is worth more than any banner ad pays me. As I said, not everyone can afford a tricked out, custom bike, so I like to show options… Especially since a lot of people want to see things they can afford.

          • Adie Mitchell

            agreed. it is nice to see some more down to earth bikes on here.

  • Richard Smith

    Meh of all trades, master of boredom.
    What’s the point?

  • Risers and those 47c tires might give this thing some teeth. 

  • D.J. Bolles

    Built with retro shift, nice!!! Giving a new company some light.
    Stop jerking off over what is right and wrong.

  • I just got one of their East Side Track complete builds with upgraded tires to replace my stolen Unknown build and I love it. Its a simple no bullshit steel bike thats decently built (for the price) and im sure the Quiver is no different. 

  • i’m super impressed by their new frame offerings.  finally something interesting that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Seriously, why did it take so long to get a track frame that fits fenders and 28’s on the market? oh yeah, hipsters.