Fix it Sticks: Made in the USA Minimalist Bicycle Tools


Fix it Sticks: Made in the USA Minimalist Bicycle Tools



Look, I don’t like posting Kickstarter projects. I believe in a good old fashioned pre-order or a loan. Crowd funding has gotten out of hand in the past year and the amount of utter garbage that makes its way to my inbox is embarrassing for the human race. Ok, I’m overreacting here but when I got an email from Brian from Fix it Sticks, I almost deleted it without reading past the word “Kickstarter”. Call me a cynic. What I do appreciate about Kickstarter is many individual’s desire to bring fabrication back Stateside, for even the simplest products.

Cynicism aside, bicycle tools are something we all need, whether at home or on the road. I’m partial to Leyzne’s ultra mini SV tool line for the jersey pocket but sometimes you need a little more leverage (yes, even on the road). The Park tri tool is great but too bulky to take with you. That’s why I dig the Fix it Sticks “tinker toy” design. I put them in my zippered pouch I carry with me on rides and hardly notice that they’re there. There’s no moving parts and you don’t have to worry about losing the tool head (they’re in there!).

Simply arrange the sticks in any order to gain the leverage you prefer on the tool head you need. It’s so simple that I’m surprised Craftsman or someone didn’t already think of it. Check out more photos below and more information at the Fix it Sticks Kickstarter.




The finished product will come in an orange anodizing and I’d imagine more tool heads would be on the way once Brian gets the company off the ground. FYI: The last day for the FixitSticks Kickstarter is Thursday.