Firefly Bicycles: 650B Rando Feb 9, 2013


This is absolutely over the top in every way but I love it, especially that fork. So much radness coming from Firefly these days.

  • woof

  • 360

    Beautiful bike, I love the photo too, with those orange light game on the chainstays and seatstays contrasting the blue fork. Love it!

  • What sets Firefly apart is their aesthetic and commitment to it. Never mind Tyler and Jamie’s craftsmanship. Chapeau. 


  • super rad

  • Thenewguy11

    She’s a beauty, rides like a dream too. Glad you like the fork, it was a decidedly non-traditional decision but I love the way the segmented fork looks. I wasn’t too concerned with a staight legged fork because of the wheels either. Also, the saddle finish is called cork and it will continue to have that pattern. It is offered in the more normal brown and black as well though.