Outside is Free at Pearl Velo

Saturday night was a blur. The anxiety of having a photo show had subsided and as the clocked moved closer to the opening hour, all that was on our minds was “will anyone actually come?”. Forecasts were calling for 10″ of snow and there were tons of other events happening. All the worries subsided when the house was packed at 8pm. Then, Lauren surprised me with an unexpected flight in from Austin. The Outside is Free show was a ton of fun. Thanks to everyone who came out, drank, dodged flying dildos and had to sit through my awkward public announcements.

Many thanks to Avery, Pearl VeloBerkeley Supply and PBR for making the night a success. I’ll have zines in stock this week, for anyone who wants to pick up a copy. I didn’t shoot nearly as many photos as I wanted to but check out a select few in the Gallery. Also, if anyone has photos, link them up in the comments!

  • Big ups to Tyler!! 

  • I got a picture of the goodies. I give up trying to get it the right orientation haha.

  • I love everything about that first bike on the right. woof.

  • Blakey!

  • Cody Baker

    John, are the shots of you and kyle from your camera?

    • Yep. Tyler took them.

      • Cody Baker

         Sooo I was sitting at the counter and grabbed your canon and just held it above my head and shot those. They actually turned out pretty rad for shooting blind

        • haha. I thought Tyler took them. Awesome.