Embrocation Vol 9 Feb 11, 2013



One of my longtime favorite magazines, Embrocation Cycling Journal, just keeps getting better and better. Volume 9 delivers on many fronts and includes one of the best stories to ever grace its pages. Without giving too much away, I’ll just say that you’ve really got to check out this issue. The photos from Heather McGrath are amazing.

Pick up a copy here and see more teasers below.




  • Gregory Ralich

    I am the Nancy with the Ice Cream cone in this post AMA

    • Joshua Robot


  • b_drum88

    Not to derail this too much, but if you click on the link to Heather McGrath’s site the main picture is from a short film about Jacob Bannon. I super-duper highly recommend any Converge fans watch it. Or, even if you’re not a converge fan it’s still a well made video about an interesting dude.

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    It bums me out that J. Dunn is no longer involved with this project, especially since the early volumes are fueled heavily by his ideas and words. With the loss of Dunn that also means the loss of a lot of the other contributors that made this mag unique. Sorry if this comes off as being negative, look forward to the NAHBS coverage.