Down to the Cog Feb 1, 2013


It’s been a while since I’ve taken my sweet time building up a bike and this project’s been a lot of fun. Over the past few months, I’ve sought out everything piece by piece. Whether it was buying and trading parts from friends or finding deals at local shops, I’ve really thought about each component and how they’ll fit into the entire picture. But most importantly, I took my time.

Getting this Phil Wood SLR track cog today was as juicy as well-cooked and cut brisket.

  • When you gonna build up a mountain bike? I bet the trails around Austin are pretty nice…

    • Planning on it this year. Gotta slow down on the stable acquisition for a few months. There are some rad trails here, but for now, I’m just sticking to the cross bike on them and avoiding the super gnarly stuff.

      • Any idea what you’re going to build? hardtail, dual-sus, 650b? I assume you’ll be going with a custom builder?

  • thebigkick

    Would do you think of Paul Comp stuff?  I really want to replace my shitty stock brake levers on my CX this spring.  Cool shot btw.

    • I love Paul. I’m doing another run of anodized cantis with them right now!