Cedar Cycling: New Merino Tees and Blended Tees Feb 13, 2013


If I could roll around in head to toe merino wool every day, I would. Well, maybe not pants, but still. The fabric is very addicting. Cedar Cycling’s new and improved merino tees and blended tees hit their shop today. I hear that real men wear pink

We still have some stock in the PiNP x Cedar jerseys, too. So head to the PiNP Web Shop to scoop!

  • scott nardina

    sorry $80 tee-shirts are a garage idea.

    • dontcoast

      dude, have your worn merino?

      does not compare to cotton at all. warm, wicking and don’t get stinky even when worn on days on end on and off the bike. I wear them as a base layer for pretty much everything.

      yea, my budget doesn’t allow for $80 tees, so I get them on sale and wear them till they are ratty as hell. 3 merino tees is still better than 7 cotton or polypro base layers.

      so far, my Cedar shirt has been holding up better than both other brands of merino I wear

    • Merino. My merino boxers are $40…

    • Matthew Joly

      Wash a merino shirt in cold with mild detergent and it will last for years without yellowing cotton or getting the permanent stank that works into synthetics.  $80.00 is a deal all things considered.

  • Goog Smells

    If I ever bought an $80 t-shirt my girlfriend would dump me and my parents would un-adopt me. But they look pretty awesome/comfortable.

  • I have the striped shirt, silky smooth! best shirt I own.