Brian Vernor Delivers the Best Photo from CX Worlds Feb 5, 2013

Rivers of Bourbon City, AKA Lousiville, KY.
Photo by Brian Vernor

I rest my case. But you can see more of Brian’s photos from the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville over at Paved Mag.

  • primotapia

    mmm.. Four Roses Single Barrel

  • Darn, no Elmer T Lee…

  • Considering the location, I’m actually pretty disappointed in that selection.

    • Brian Vernor

      Yeah, this store sucked. I was hustling to the airport and stopped here but didn’t buy anything. I managed to find a few good bottles up the street at a wine store. their selection was small but notable, if not that photogenic. I didn’t have time to get out to Old Towne Liquors, and Taste was closed on Sunday. 

      • Oh, the stupidity of blue laws!

        And please don’t think that me knocking the shop was knocking the shot.

  • I’ve died and gone to Heaven….