Beautiful Bicycle: Ryan’s Hufnagel Road

“I just wanted something simple and white.” That was Ryan’s reply when I mentioned how much I loved his Hufnagel road bike on our ride. I get a lot of people asking to go on rides here in Austin when they visit and I usually take them on a quick 20-30 mile route. The day starts out with “is that all we’re doing?” and ends with “holy shit, these climbs are steep!”. That’s what we did on Monday. 25 miles, 3,100′ of climbing.

Ryan’s Hufnagel is as far as I know, one of three in Texas. Jordan isn’t building bicycles anymore but he made a few for people in Texas when he was and they’re just as nice as his later bikes. With the signature seatstay treatment and his fondness for deep stays, the bikes just scream personality, without being too ostentatious. They’re just tastefully done. An elegant paint job and Campy 11 was exactly what Ryan requested: something simple and white.

  • A nice bike, though it seems a bit small for him.  Perhaps not.

    • It fits him perfectly. Looks small in the photo, but on the bike it’s a match. Plus it’s made to measure, so it’s right. 

    • ^ this is why I don’t like posting the rider portraits. People say shit like that. haha

      • …..then let them say shit like that John. i think most people do enjoy seeing bikes and their riders, at least just one photo out of a set with the rider+bike together. it completes the whole set in a way. then if i ever get my bike portrait on here i’ll happily raise a proud middle finger to all those who nitpick my bike as too small, why are there spacers, he has a booger in his nose……

  • why isn’t he making bikes anymore? and since when? I always loved Jon aka twotoneatl’s track bike by hufnagel…. :(

  • Nice bike; nice guy. He really enjoyed the ride. And gave me the deets on those climbs. Glad he didn’t invite me, I’d have been walking the whole way. 

  • Chris Campbell


  • Jason Villanueva

    Love Hufnagel’s! Some of the nicest bikes out there…Glad to see a rider shot as well!

  • juan lopez

    Nice wall. Beautiful bicycle.

  • Love the rider portrait John. Way to listen to your fanboys and incorporate those into the mix. 

    • Vidal Valdez


  • i love seeing pictures of a bike that is dirty! 

  • a custom frame with spacers? what the fuck is wrong with you people.

    • I don’t know how to reply to this without calling you a bike nazi, but that doesn’t go over well with the Germans.

      •  I’m not German but my name is Hans and you are correct in calling him a “bike nazi”

    • You are completely out of your mind! 

  • …And that, my friends, is how you photograph a bicycle.

    • Thanks. The color balance is off on a few but white bikes are hard to get perfect.

    • What do you mean, the same photograph, over and over again! I can see 5 repetitive jammers. ;)

  • So does everyone in Austin have kickass custom bikes, or just your friends? Love these so much. 

    • For every custom steel bike, there are 100 wanna be pro roadies with the newest Madone.

  • JoshHayes

    who would have thought a bmx kid from Indiana could make something so cool. 

  • Haha comments on any website should just be banned.God damn people can ruin or talk shit on anything.

    On a positive note, Hufnagels are the most beautiful bikes.

  • Stupid sick!

  • 11215

    That sticker on the inside of the chainstay is just kind of tasteless. I’m going to pretend it’s not there, so I can go back to liking the bike.

  • 11215

    Love to see the tire strap under the saddle and it’s great looking. But I don’t think he’s riding tubulars, so what’s the point?