Gordon’s Firefly Cross

“A little bit of racing and a little bit of light touring” seems to be what a lot of people want from their cross bikes. That’s exactly what Gordon told Firefly when he put down his deposit. This cross bike has fender and rack mounts for weekend getaways and mini-v’s for road riding. Come cross season, he’ll pop on some 32c cross tires and get her nice and muddy. It’s always a pleasure to photograph a Firefly, especially when the owner is such a stand up guy. Denver has such rad bikes and such great people. It’s been a hell of a trip. Oh and, thanks for the hangover man!

  • super clean frame. I like the wishbone stay and firefly’s graphics are always classy and understated. why not wider tires though?

    • He uses it to commute on and do road rides. Hence the road tires.

      •  it just seems like a lot of people are coming around to the benefits of riding wider tires, less jarring of a ride, ability to ride greater range of terrain and also realizing the myths surrounding them as well, that they are not fast and don’t corner well. this is the perfect bike to run jack browns when it’s not being raced during cross season, and performance deficit would be negligible if at all. I’m even starting to think that a bike that can handle fat tires looks better rocking them as opposed to the regular 25s or 28s, maybe because the whole setup looks more in proportion with the added clearance and all and with those fat tubes…..

  • favorite gen of ksyriums, love the red hubs and spoke. 

  • The silver bits on the ti along with the brown anodization and snow/grass is such a nice combo.

  • That bike is rad, but I hate hate hated those brakes. I switched to Paul cantis after a few months on CX8.4s, and though I have to squeeze them much harder the modulation is heaps and bounds better. 

    • Yeah, cantis will always feel better than v’s… But some prefer the stopping power.

      •  what are you thoughts on the Paul mini motos?

        • They’ll stop you but you’ll be missing the modulation of a canti. I like cantis on cross bikes and ride my yolk high on the front. Mini v’s are great when you’ve gotta STOP but I don’t ever really have to…

    • whentruthdivides

      I really like those brakes. I have them and like them more than the TRP EuroX cantis I had before. Personal Preference I guess? I use them for commuting mainly

      • definitely personal preference, that’s for sure! I’ve heard good things about those TRPs.

      • I liked the stopping power for aggressive city riding, but during descents and tight group riding the mushy feeling was very unnerving.

  • Ha.  Steve, whom you met a couple of days ago, has worked on this bike a couple of different times at Wheat Ridge.  Nice to see a bike I’ve oogled in person get the fantastic slideshow treatment; your white balance is incredible.  I really want a Firefly someday!

  • cabbagepatchelvis

    That pump peg… so nice.