A Great Portrait of Marc and His New LOW Feb 20, 2013

Photo by Hirotaka Fukui

I met Hiro the last time I was in SF (which was RideNStyle) and followed his work, mostly via his Tumblr‘s RSS. It wasn’t until Tracko posted about his Flickr that I was directed over there. It’s damn good. So check it out.

That’s a great photo of Marc holing his new LOW. Miss ya dude!


  • Is this a new frame that’s going to be available or is it a one off?

    • This is a production run frame. Paint is custom. There are some new details on these bikes: replaceable track end faces, gussets, smoother welds.

  •  MOTHER OF GOD, that frame is siq as FUK. imma puke.

  • Vidal Valdez

    Isn’t this the new Anthracite Metallic color that he’s offering ?

  • Christian Yee

    the original frame had gussets as well. Either that or Marc gets gussets on all of his Low// frames no matter what.