A Common Problem: Avoided and Resolved Feb 12, 2013

If you happen to have a girl wearing a skirt and a beanie living in your tool shed, then you obviously don’t have to worry about the inevitable galvanic corrosion that can plague your trusty steed.

But if you don’t, then you need to check that your stem is greased quite frequently or you’ll end up like these two. Let me just say that the only reason I posted the top video was to offer a striking contrast between the latest from Fyxomatosis. I don’t know about you, but Andy’s shorts are getting me all hot and bothered. Good thing Gonz has that facemask on…

  • Bryan Smith


  • Wondering where I can pick up girl in skirt, beanie and combat boots for my tool shed.

  • Jordan Freymiller

    if you’re going to ruin a stem anyway why not just cut the stem and take the steerer tube and soak it in lye and water. it’ll eat that alum stem right out of the tube in a day or so and its easier than that video

    •  @google-42dfd417e52f2fe561faf8d379f7c805:disqus but the stem isn’t ruined – that was the point.   Cutting the stem is a drastic last measure. 

      Next video will be gonz in bathing suit / skirt and beanie. 

  • I kept wondering when the frame was going to slip and Andy was going to catch a hanger in the nuts.  But we know he’d never drop his Llewellyn …

  • I absolutely love both these videos.

  • so good

  • DMT

    are you really supposed to put that much grease on the stem?

  • Now let’s see a “fixture” for pulling a stuck seatpost. Grease your shit! If you’re not sure if it’s enough, use more!

  • hahaha best thing i have seen in ages!