2013 NAHBS: Winter Bicycles

Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles like many builders, is beginning to step into the production / semi-custom market. While he’s still making fully custom frames, his recent Pelican rando project for Box Dog Bikes marked a new direction for Winter. At his NAHBS booth this year, Eric displayed two semi-custom production bikes. One of which is en route to Texas now. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off this track bike…

  • I’m not sure which ones, but two of Winters’ bikes had custom saddle covers done by http://www.recoveredsaddle.com here in Texas.

    • RecoveredSaddle

      This is Jason from RecoveredSaddle.com. Thanks for adding that clarification James.

      The saddle on the track bike is one of the one’s I did for Eric. It was some Japanese saddle I’ve never seen before. The other saddle was a Concor that Eric told me he was riding himself.

  • Rick Saliga

    Any word on who did the paint on that last road bike? I love it. The hammer finish paint is making me nostalgic for the bikes I grew up with in the 90s.

    • It’s a new powder guy he’s trying out. Email Eric at [email protected] and ask, I can’t recall his name right now. I’ll tell you one thing, that green looks iridescent in the sunlight and the hammer is amazing in person. 

  • Curtis Odom Hubs?

  • The stem detail in the first shot is awesome!

  • D.J. Bolles

    I would buy a bike from this guy.

  • Wow!  Just noticed the katana wrap on the handlebars! 

    • Funny story, Eric had to look up his own tutorial that he made years ago on how to do it because it had been so long. Love that dude’s work!

      • I thought the bike was awesome to begin with but to see the builder take such amazing pains on even the smallest detail really puts this this one over the top.