2013 NAHBS: Peacock Groove’s Voltron Track

I’m alive and well, but as you can tell, this year’s NAHBS coverage is being throttled a little bit. I spent a lot of time just talking to people and shooting the bikes that I truly liked, rather than scrambling around trying to get every single booth. One of those bikes was the Peacock Groove Voltron track.

I really admire Erik Noren. His work has personality and he’s the only builder I like to shoot pictured with his frames. Year after year, Erik’s themed track bikes draw polarizing opinions. You either love it or you hate it but who can hate Voltron? Also, a side note. These photos were taken yesterday, before Denver was covered with a blanket of snow. See more in the Gallery!

  • Joshua Robot

    Wow. This bike makes me want to get back into track racing.

  • Dan P

    COCK! Haha, nice one John. This dude is a wizard!

  • Excellent. 

  • Tommaso Gomez

    A 12-spoke front wheel, built on a 32-hole flange? That won’t support the weight of human rider, much less a Voltron.

    • … Built by HED’s wheel builder but of course you know wayyyyyyy more than him.

      • the unused holes cut weight! if hed built it…its a go!

    •  I would trust the wheel build, but aesthetically speaking it bugs me that the unused nipple holes aren’t plugged.

  • Awesome!  I love this bike

  • Not a huge fan of his work but wild ride all the same.

    • Anthony Moravec

      Like it or not, its a piece of art.

  • schue113

    Noren is an awesome builder and person. Integral part of Minneapolis, MN, and the US bike world. Somewhat tangentially I thought I would give you another reason to actually make it to MN (aside from the All-City Championships, Peacock Groove, etc.) but Austin Lunn of Panopticon is now living in MN and will be opening a brew pub in Lino Lakes, MN, in the next few months called Hammerheart Brewing.

    • I’ll be there for Almanzo!!!!

      • schue113

        Well then I will see you at Almanzo. There will be a gang of us wearing Freewheel Bike jerseys. Most of us work there. Black and Yellow. 

  • Jorge Negron

    Sweet disk and build overall! What was used to wrap the bars?

    • Erik Noren

       just cinelli cork. nothin fancy there….

  • Jaguar Gods