2013 NAHBS: Geekhouse Bike Photos by Heather McGrath

Over the past few years, the crew at Geekhouse Bikes have slowly grown apart from their brightly-colored, low-pro, bent seat tube, triple triangle track bikes that they became so well known for. This slow and steady move towards class, with a bit of sass has culminated in their 2013 NAHBS offerings in Denver. New this year are the Brentwood Porteur and Hopedale Light Tourer. Both bikes would make ideal vehicles for a weekend camping trip, or around town jaunts. These models will be available in conjunction with Geekhouses’ already established models. Let me just say the brightly-colored Mudville singlespeed disk cross looks so dialed. Even the Adria Klora-designed graphics are top notch. Well done guys!

Check out some more photos, by the lovely Heather McGrath in the gallery!

  • These are all done perfectly. Great execution!

  • Jay Elling

    surprised they didn’t name the hopedale after you… gots your name all over it. ‘thewatson’ has a nice ring.

    i can’t wait to see a XX1 cross beast, the XX stuff is good to see.

  • A.J. Robinson

    The fork on that hopedal is so awesome

  • Amazing work Marty and Brad. Marvelous photos, Heather – some of the best bike images i’ve seen. Congratulations and was mazing to see you all put this together.

  • arlcyclist

    Really nice, especially the Mudville single. What I want to know is how did they install the belt drive because I don’t see a split. Installed during the frame build maybe?

    • Luke Verhagen

      Look at image 8. About half way up the driveside seatstay you can see two bolt heads right next to each other. That is where the split is. Cheers

  • These are the nicest bikes out of the GH camp…well done Marty

  • Pooky McPookums

    Ok, love these, love Geekhouse, but but but…

    Why are the lights mounted on the right side of the bikes?  It seems to be that you’d want them mounted on the left so as to blind oncoming traffic with the most efficiency.  Ok, I kid, but I’d want the most like on the left for maximum visibility.  Also: mounting the lights in that manner is a no-no according to Supernova…

    • Gregory Ralich

      Lights on the right as still crazy visible and illuminate the ever important on/off the path/road/trail line. 

      • Ah HA!  Thanks for that explantation, I was wondering that myself and that makes sense.

        •  lights on the right side make more sense when riding alongside parked cars, in the off chance that a driver checks his side-view mirror prior to pulling out into traffic a right side mounted light could help make the rider more visible.

  • Chris Campbell

    No provisions for a rear rack on the Hopedale?  Does light touring mean only front load on the porteur rack?

    • This is a set up more for Rando/Brevet rides around the 200k mark. With a million options available, we wanted this bike to be very purposefully built. 

  • Ian Stone

    I love love love those Specialized Phenom saddles!

  • The SSCX Mudville is beautiful.  Was it difficult to get proper belt tension with those small integrated tensioners?

  • Knockin’ it out of the park here. Or over the mountain depending on location, of course.

  • I need $10000 stat, having a Hopedale and Brentwood between my legs is necessary.

  • So where’s Mary’s handstand?

    • Still got a bum shoulder from racing DH back in the day…;)

  • we are sooo proud of these guys! glad we have ours…hmmm’, i think i see a hopedale in my future. had a great time! se ya’ll in CHARLOTTE.

  • we are sooo proud of these guys! nice work. hmmm, i think i see a hopedale in my future.

  • sorry, could’nt cancel 1. jeeetlaaag!