Cielo and Chris King

Each year, I love watching people’s faces as they enter the Chris King compound and although the metaphor “like a kid in a candy shop” is somewhat dated, it’s application here is quite fitting. I can’t even walk into their booth without picking up at least a headset (purple!). This year at NAHBS, the Portland based frame builders and component manufacturers brought all kinds of eye candy. My favorite project bike was the champagne and purple Sportif Racer but people were tapping the top tubes and squeezing the brakes of the Cross Racer and Overlander (which I totally didn’t get a good photo of).

At this point, you’re probably not even reading the copy anymore, so check out the gallery for more goodness!

  • Is that the KFC Thomson Bar on the cross bike?

  • Loving the paint job on that Cielo Cross Racer. Somebody there’s clearly a fan of old Aston and Lotus race cars.

  • It looks like radial lacing on the front wheel of the CX bike. But I thought King hubs disallow radial lacing?

    • I have elbows out radial on my Bishop. I think it’s something
      most manufactures say to cover their ass.

      • Thomas Lowry

        All R45 hubs are CK approved for radial lacing. All others, are not.